Pet Friendly Patios in Clarksville

Jul 29, 2023

As we all know, Clarksville, Tennessee is a vibrant city filled with countless outdoor dining options to explore. If you're a pet owner, finding places that welcome your furry friends can sometimes be a challenge. Fortunately, Legacy Mountain Life Getaway has compiled a list of the best pet-friendly patios in Clarksville, ensuring you and your four-legged companion can enjoy a delightful dining experience together.

1. Paws & Pints

Located in the heart of downtown Clarksville, Paws & Pints offers a laid-back atmosphere perfect for pet owners. This cozy patio provides ample space for your pet to relax while you savor delicious food and drinks. Their extensive menu features a variety of options to cater to every craving. From mouthwatering burgers to refreshing craft beers, Paws & Pints is sure to satisfy both you and your furry friend.

2. Bark & Brew

If you're searching for a pet-friendly patio that goes above and beyond, Bark & Brew is the place to be. Situated just outside the city center, this hidden gem offers a spacious outdoor area where dogs can socialize while you enjoy a cold beverage. The menu boasts a diverse selection of dishes, from tasty appetizers to hearty entrees. Don't forget to treat your pup with their special doggy menu items, ensuring they feel just as pampered as you do!

3. Pawsome Patio

Nestled in a tranquil corner of Clarksville, Pawsome Patio welcomes pets with open arms. This charming pet-friendly spot features a beautifully decorated patio, creating a cozy ambiance for both humans and furry companions. Indulge in their delectable dishes made from locally sourced ingredients, all while your pet basks in the Tennessee sun. With friendly staff and a warm atmosphere, Pawsome Patio guarantees a memorable dining experience for all.

4. Woof & Wine

For wine enthusiasts who also happen to be pet lovers, Woof & Wine is the ultimate destination. This pet-friendly patio offers an extensive selection of fine wines and delectable small plates. Immerse yourself in the relaxing atmosphere as you sample exquisite wines from around the world. Your pet can unwind alongside you, making Woof & Wine the perfect place to unwind after a long day of exploring Clarksville.

5. Tail Wagging Terrace

Conveniently located near Legacy Mountain Life Getaway, Tail Wagging Terrace is a must-visit for pet owners seeking a memorable dining experience. This family-friendly patio provides stunning views of the surrounding natural beauty. Indulge in their mouthwatering barbecue dishes while your pet enjoys some fresh air. With its proximity to pet-friendly hiking trails, Tail Wagging Terrace is an ideal stop for adventure-seeking pet owners.


When it comes to pet-friendly patios in Clarksville, Legacy Mountain Life Getaway has curated a list of exceptional options that cater to every taste. Whether you're looking for a laid-back atmosphere or a spot to indulge in gourmet meals, Clarksville has something for everyone. Make unforgettable memories with your furry companion as you embark on culinary adventures across the city.

Remember to check the specific regulations and guidelines of each establishment before visiting, as policies may vary. Legacy Mountain Life Getaway encourages responsible pet ownership and a respectful dining experience for all patrons.

Plan your next outing with your pet by exploring the pet-friendly patios mentioned above. Clarksville welcomes you and your four-legged friend to savor the wonderful dining experiences it has to offer.